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Perfect Storm

If you are even considering selling your home in the next two years…you need to do it now!!! Interest rates are rising, job enthusiasm is currently high, economic forecast is strong. Industry experts say this is the perfect storm to put your home on the market now while these factors are still in your favor.

The perfect storm:

  • With rates rising…buyer affordability is lowering. In other words, a three bedroom home purchase in 2017 may turn into a two bedroom home in 2018. That will change a lot of possibilities for move up or move down buyers and sellers in the next couple of years. Even for many folks planning on moving out of area or retiring.
  • When an election is over, typically the job market heightens with corporate belief that the economy will strengthen with the promised changes.
  • In general the economy will blossom after a president is elected with the thought that these changes will move things along.

Waiting can cost sellers big time if they don’t take advantage of today’s unique conditions.

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