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Old School or New School?

“Why would anyone ever use a real estate agent with the ‘old school’ percentage commission structure?”

That’s a great question from Tom G. in Aliso Viejo, California. The answer is: you shouldn’t.

Tom’s right. We’re far from old-school in structure. Today the buyer’s reality is different than it was even a decade ago. They do a majority of their home research online. They spend days searching for a home that checks as many boxes on their list as possible. Then they take a drive around the neighborhood, visit the open house, and ask their questions. Once that’s done, they go back and do another online check for local area sales, schools, taxes…the list goes on and on. THEN they call an agent to write the offer. They are doing a large portion of the work. Shouldn’t they get a piece of that commission pie?

To be fair, we’re still a little old school. We use common sense to save time and money on unnecessary costs. The combination of well utilized technology and great customer service makes us confident you’ll be impressed with our service and thrilled with your refund. We go through the steps so you feel comfortable about the buying process and supported on your way to finding a new home. This is potentially the most expensive purchase of your life, and we want to make sure you are armed with every bit of information that could be relevant to your decision.

I guess you could call us a new school service with old school vibes.

You Should Have Seen Your Face!

If we’re talking about parties, surprises are great. But if we’re talking about fees, surprises aren’t so good. R. Granaas from Dana Point, California noted, “As advertised, ListWell’s flat fee was $7,500. And, also as advertised, the buyer’s agent commission was 2%. No surprises.”

ListWell is about simplifying and demystifying the buying and selling processes. We want you to know what’s happening every step of the way to make sure you can make the most informed decisions possible about your property.

ListWell’s programs are full service and include all of the brokerage services you would expect from the most discerning boutique agency. No hidden fees, no extras, no bait and switch. Quality representation, a proven marketing process, excellent negotiation skills and detailed follow up for a smooth closing. The only difference is you get to keep more of the equity in your home.

New Year’s Reflection

IMG_4627 (1)The start of a new year often brings resolutions: read a book a month, eat healthier, travel to new places, you name it. In our book, reflections are just as important. What were we able to accomplish in the last year? What are our hopes for the future? In 2017, the average seller savings for ListWell California was $11,900. That’s just as big a success for us as it was for our sellers. Rather than laying out a huge commission payment at 5 to 6 percent of the home value, these home sellers paid a flat rate, and came out with more money in their wallets. Whether depositing into a retirement account, taking the family on a big vacation, or investing in a new vehicle, the possibilities are endless. We’re glad that money wasn’t spent on commissions.

Our goal for 2018 is to continue to provide top rate, full service real estate options to the people in our communities at a price that makes sense. From property research to inspection and closing, we resolve to provide exceptional service. Troy B. from Huntington Beach California put it well: “ListWell provided terrific service and knowledge to illuminate the most direct pathway to success in selling our home.” In 2017, Troy saved money and found a real estate system that made sense. There should be more people like Troy.

If you’re thinking 2018 is the year to sell or you want to find out more about ListWell in your community, check out the ListWell Home Selling page where you can view a short video on the home selling process and find out how you can get more money in your pocket. Cheers to 2018!

Two More Glowing Testimonials

Are you still wondering how ListWell’s flat fee real estate services stack up? Here are two more glowing testimonials from our most recent clients!

“We met Tom from ListWell Realty at an open house while we were casually house hunting.  We liked his approach so much, that we listed our Mission Viejo home with him. Tom was professional and service oriented from the very start.  He got us listed quickly, and held 2 open houses the first weekend. Upon our request for help with various jobs we needed done, Tom had a team of highly respectful helpers to recommend. He was very responsive to our calls, texts, and concerns.  He was detailed, honest, and professional as the selling realtor, so we also asked him to help us with finding our next home, in Fullerton.  Again, he was encouraging, calm, detailed, responsive and professional.  Our process from listing in Mission Viejo to move in to Fullerton was about 2 months, and Tom was right on top of the closings of two concurrent escrows.  Great guy!” ~Judy & Russ

“Just want to say a very big thank you for taking care of the sale of our home.  We really appreciate and respect how well you handled this whole process and have just been impressed with everything you’ve done the whole way through.  We feel so grateful to have you as our realtor.  Thank you Tom!” ~Mia and Chuck

Another Happy Seller in Mission Viejo

Our mission is to provide exemplary service to our clients. Here’s a testimonial from another happy seller in Mission Viejo.

“What could you do with an extra $23,000 in your pocket? That is what we saved using Tom Schulze of Listwell versus local realtors to sell our home! Tom provided excellent professional service throughout the sales process. He listened to what we wanted and exceeded our expectations. He is a man of his word. He was also a great source in providing contact names for whatever was needed to solve any fix-it issues. We would HIGHLY recommend Tom as his service was superb.”

21341 Canea, Mission Viejo, CA 92692


How much will you save with Listwell’s flat fee real estate services? If you are even considering selling your home in the next two years…you need to do it now!!! Interest rates are rising, job enthusiasm is currently high, economic forecast is strong. Industry experts say this is the perfect storm to put your home on the market now while these factors are still in your favor. Contact us today!

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Happy Listwell Sellers

At ListWell, excellent customer service and superior savings are more than just words to us, it is our entire business model. Your 100% satisfaction is our highest priority. We’ve had the honor of helping home buyers and sellers for over 18 years, and we’re proud to share some of their experiences here on our blog. These new testimonials from these happy ListWell sellers tell the whole story about our full service flat fee brokers:

“We got an offer in 4 days! This was mainly due to Tom’s expertise. He advised us on the best price to ask, guided us through home staging to make our home more appealing and aggressively marketed our home utilizing on-line options, flyers and open house events. Once we were in contract, Tom was efficient and knowledgeable in helping us close the sale. We’ll definitely work with him again!” ~ Richard P.

Tom took our “complicated” RE listing/transaction and made it effortless for us. He guided us and assisted us every step of the way. He represented our “multiple seller” listing transaction like a pro keeping “all” involved & up to date on every aspect. His stress free attitude was greatly appreciated. He was there for us by recommending the best ways to get the best price on our property. If he couldn’t take our call immediately, he always returned the call quickly. He emailed to us immediately all 14 (!) written offers we received the first week on the market! He explained all the offers thoroughly and helped us make the best choice on our buyer. Lastly, I am so happy to report he got us $20,000.00 over asking. He is a master at marketing! Highly recommend!” ~Celeste C.

If you are considering selling or buying a home in 2017, contact us today for more information about ListWell’s flat fee services, and how we can put THOUSANDS of dollars BACK into your pocket!

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New Testimonials Tell the Whole Story

At ListWell, excellent customer service and superior savings are more than just words to us, it is our entire business model. Your 100% satisfaction is our highest priority. We’ve had the honor of helping home buyers and sellers for over 18 years, and we’re proud to share some of their experiences here on our blog. These new testimonials tell the whole story about our full service flat fee brokers:

Excellent service all the way around, from providing objective advice, recommendations for staging prior to listing, references for economical repair services, and even pitched in to perform minor repairs—the objective being to save the seller money whenever possible. Always maintained an optimistic and professional disposition. As advertised, Tom’s flat fee was $7,500. And, also as advertised, the buyer’s agent commission was 2%. No surprises!” ~rgranaas

 I have bought and sold three homes with Tom. His sense of the market conditions and overall knowledge of real estate in California is second to none. His business model is cutting edge and ahead of its time. If you want exceptional service at a “smart” price, then Listwell is the way to go.” ~J. Haugh

“Last summer Tom helped us sell our house. it was a pleasure to work with him so he helped us buy a new house. If we decide to sell this house in the next year or two we will definitely use Tom again. If any of my friends or coworkers need a realtor I give them Tom’s information.” ~Seller in Aliso Viejo