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You Should Have Seen Your Face!

If we’re talking about parties, surprises are great. But if we’re talking about fees, surprises aren’t so good. R. Granaas from Dana Point, California noted, “As advertised, ListWell’s flat fee was $7,500. And, also as advertised, the buyer’s agent commission was 2%. No surprises.”

ListWell is about simplifying and demystifying the buying and selling processes. We want you to know what’s happening every step of the way to make sure you can make the most informed decisions possible about your property.

ListWell’s programs are full service and include all of the brokerage services you would expect from the most discerning boutique agency. No hidden fees, no extras, no bait and switch. Quality representation, a proven marketing process, excellent negotiation skills and detailed follow up for a smooth closing. The only difference is you get to keep more of the equity in your home.

Worth a Thousand Words

When identifying the many roles of a broker, “photographer” doesn’t always come to mind first, but it makes a big difference when marketing a home. In a recent ListWell review, Tyra S. from Coto De Caza, California said, “The attention given to staging and taking pictures of our condo alone was worth a million.”

Nowadays, most buyers are searching the internet to find homes, and photos provide the first impression of the property. The ListWell team focuses on the best features of the home to make it stand out in a sea of listings. Photography is part of our exceptional full service offering, and we treat it that way.

To ensure high quality photographs, we continue to update our knowledge on new techniques and technology. ListWell brokers use specialized camera equipment and software specifically chosen for architectural photography. These tools allow us to enhance our online and printed property marketing campaigns so our client’s homes stand out head and shoulders above competing properties in the market.

Check out the side by side below. One was taken with an iPhone camera (left) and one was taken with a ListWell camera set up (right). Which space would you rather picture yourself in?

5 Sellers Saved Over $63,000

Still wondering if Flat Fee will put more money in your pocket when you sell your home? Find out how these 5 sellers saved over $63,000 with ListWell’s flat fee real estate services vs. traditional 5% commission based fees. What would you do with this kind of money? Go on vacation? Buy a car? Buy a houseful of new furniture?

9 Lancewood Way, Irvine
Sold $805,000
Seller saved $16,650!!!
4700 Ventana, Oceanside
Sold $520,000
Seller saved $8,100
24359 Mira Verde, Laguna Niguel
Sold $675,000
Seller saved $12,750
Mira Verde 1
2 Mondrian, Aliso Viejo
Sold $565,000
Seller saved $9,700
15 Dusk Way, Aliso Viejo
Sold $795,000
Seller saved $16,350
Dusk Way 4
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What would you do with an extra $24,000?

Are you ready for another flat fee success story? Find out how Calvin and Marianne pocketed a “little extra cash” from the sale of their home and the purchase of another! What would you do with an extra $24,000?
24411 La Hermosa Laguna Niguel
Sold first weekend
Multiple offers
Full price at $800,000
Traditional agent would charge 5% for $40,000 in agent fees
ListWell’s flat fee program only charged $23,500
Seller saved $16,500 in commission fees.
They also received $7,650 from ListWell when they bought their new home.
Total money saved…$24,150.
Wonder what they will do with that money?
New car? Dream vacation? Furnish their new home?
What would you do?!!
If you are ready to enjoy the equity in your home~ Contact us today!

The Savings is No Joke

Still wondering how flat fee compares to a standard 5% listing fee? The savings is no joke.
Find out how one family saved over $20,000…
This home in Mission Viejo sold for $1,125,000
Savings compared to a standard 5% listing fee
What would your family do with an extra $21,250 this summer???
Dream vacation?
New back yard amenities?
A family toy?
When it’s time to sell, it has to be ListWell!!!
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2 More Sellers Saved Over $26,000

Still wondering if Flat Fee will put more money in your pocket when you sell your home? The proof is in the pudding! 2 More Sellers saved over $26,000 with ListWell’s flat fee real estate services vs. traditional 5% commission based fees. What would you do with this kind of money? Go on vacation? Buy a car? or maybe buy a houseful of new furniture?

24 Birdie Lane, Coto de Caza
Sold $735,000
Seller saved $14,550!!!
Birdie Ln 1
27836 Cummins, Laguna Niguel
Sold $650,000
Highest price for this model and sold first 5 days!!
Seller saved $12,000
Cummins 1
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Who Should Enjoy The Equity in Your Home?

Stop and think for a moment. You’ve owned your home for many years, you’ve raised your family there, kept up with repairs and added your personal touch to decor and upgrades. Now its time to sell and start a new chapter in your life. A traditional listing agent will pocket a cool 5% to 6% commission fee based on the VALUE of your home, but what you may not realize is a ListWell flat fee broker provides the same exact services for one low fee. This is literally a savings of THOUSANDS, or in most cases, TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars that goes right back into your pocket. Time to ask yourself…who should enjoy the equity in your home? Your family? or your real estate agent?

Here are the savings enjoyed by our most recent home sellers :

21341 Canea, Mission Viejo $23,000

30 Estero Pointe, Aliso Viejo $11,010

53 Southern Hills, Aliso Viejo $20,250

16 Estero Pointe, Aliso Viejo $10,750

5 Sugar Gum, Aliso Viejo $21,480

What can $10,000 – $20,000 buy? 

  • Travel and Vacation
  • Semester (or two) College Tuition
  • Furniture for New Home
  • New Home Upgrades
  • Car

Yes, SOMEONE will be enjoying this money. Will it be YOU or YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT?

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Commonly Asked Questions About Flat Fee

What are ListWell’s flat fee broker services all about? It’s a new concept in the world of real estate commission fees and services. We understand…you have questions, and we have answers. Here are a few of our most commonly asked questions about flat fee.


If I am paying less, what am I not receiving?

Simply put…you get it all.  ListWell performs professional full service residential brokerage  for a flat fee paid at closing.  The flat fee has been calculated to ensure we are providing an excellent service level at an affordable price to the client.  So to put it simply, you are paying for only the services you need.

Remember, the price of your home has no bearing on the steps it takes to sell it.   Common sense dictates that a flat fee for the service of selling a home, no matter what the sales price, is the right thing to do. While this does not make our competitors very happy, it is still fundamentally correct, that the consumer should not be punished for having the ability to own or purchase a more expensive home.

Think of it this way…If you were to hire a painter to paint the ceiling in a 10×10 room of a $100,000 condo and he charged $300 to do the work, would you expect him to charge you $1200 in a 400,000 home? or $3000 in a $1,000,000 home?  No.  You would expect to pay the same amount, because the value of the home has nothing to do with the work being performed. You would call that painter a crook if he were to do that.


How can ListWell provide full service brokerage so affordably?

We keep our overhead low. ListWell is broker owned and operated with a focus on streamlining the real estate transaction process.  By making use of the latest mobile devices, application software and third party service vendors we free up our time to perform the work you’ve hired us to do…sell your home.  ListWell is not a web based company,  we work directly with you in your home to ensure the process moves forward.  Our brokers take you through the process from market valuation, home preparation, marketing, showings, offer negotiation, transaction management and closing.


What does ListWell not have?

Storefronts, bricks and mortar, front desk attendants, electric bills, maintenance bills, rubbish removal bills, cleaning bills, cubicles, and no water cooler.  We do not have what you do not need and the savings we generate are past directly to our home seller.


Why would ListWell do this when you could charge so much more?

What is good for our clients is also good for us.  ListWell’s customers are savvy with their investments, research the best way to to make critical choices, and often share their findings with others.  Home seller’s who have experienced the quality of service combined with keeping more of their equity are delighted.  Our business volume from referrals is astounding.

This kind of word of mouth promotion allows us to build our business without paying for expensive marketing campaigns that other companies are forced to pay. We are working with the volume of many and not from the “now empty” pockets of the few.


Other realtors told me “You get what you pay for”.

We could not agree more. you should get what you pay for, you should not have to pay more than what you need to pay to get the job done right…period.


Bottom line:

Working directly with the broker and owner, getting full service, having the benefit of our knowledge and years of experience, make ListWell a fantastic choice. Paying a flat fee and saving thousands make us the only choice.

Common sense real estate fees are here at last…and you can and should take advantage of it.

Call us today, and be prepared to be amazed. 888.665.5478

Perfect Storm

If you are even considering selling your home in the next two years…you need to do it now!!! Interest rates are rising, job enthusiasm is currently high, economic forecast is strong. Industry experts say this is the perfect storm to put your home on the market now while these factors are still in your favor.

The perfect storm:

  • With rates rising…buyer affordability is lowering. In other words, a three bedroom home purchase in 2017 may turn into a two bedroom home in 2018. That will change a lot of possibilities for move up or move down buyers and sellers in the next couple of years. Even for many folks planning on moving out of area or retiring.
  • When an election is over, typically the job market heightens with corporate belief that the economy will strengthen with the promised changes.
  • In general the economy will blossom after a president is elected with the thought that these changes will move things along.

Waiting can cost sellers big time if they don’t take advantage of today’s unique conditions.

Let ListWell’s Flat Fee commission seller and buyer programs put you in the best possible position to maximize your home investment dollars.

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