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You Should Have Seen Your Face!

If we’re talking about parties, surprises are great. But if we’re talking about fees, surprises aren’t so good. R. Granaas from Dana Point, California noted, “As advertised, ListWell’s flat fee was $7,500. And, also as advertised, the buyer’s agent commission was 2%. No surprises.”

ListWell is about simplifying and demystifying the buying and selling processes. We want you to know what’s happening every step of the way to make sure you can make the most informed decisions possible about your property.

ListWell’s programs are full service and include all of the brokerage services you would expect from the most discerning boutique agency. No hidden fees, no extras, no bait and switch. Quality representation, a proven marketing process, excellent negotiation skills and detailed follow up for a smooth closing. The only difference is you get to keep more of the equity in your home.

Coming Together for Our Clients

ListWell brokers make the effort to know their communities. Knowing the real estate market is a big part of that, but it’s not all of it. Our kids go to local schools, we participate in community events, and we work with other local business. Karin from Mission Viejo, California said her broker was “a great source for providing contact names for whatever was needed to solve fix-it issues.” Randall from Dana Point, California echoed that statement saying his broker “provided excellent service all the way around from providing objective advice, recommendations for staging prior to listing, and references for economical repair services.”

We give you the details so you can make informed decisions as you prepare your home to sell. Tom S., a ListWell broker in Orange County, California, is involved with the local Chamber of Commerce, a collective of professionals in the business community who come together to better serve their clients and community. This gives him a chance to get to know the service providers available in the area. “Working with the local business and trades people gives us a wide array of vendors at our disposal,” said Tom. “We can make sure to get the best services for our clients’ particular needs while being mindful of quality and value.”

We realize good business happens when everyone wins.

New Year’s Reflection

IMG_4627 (1)The start of a new year often brings resolutions: read a book a month, eat healthier, travel to new places, you name it. In our book, reflections are just as important. What were we able to accomplish in the last year? What are our hopes for the future? In 2017, the average seller savings for ListWell California was $11,900. That’s just as big a success for us as it was for our sellers. Rather than laying out a huge commission payment at 5 to 6 percent of the home value, these home sellers paid a flat rate, and came out with more money in their wallets. Whether depositing into a retirement account, taking the family on a big vacation, or investing in a new vehicle, the possibilities are endless. We’re glad that money wasn’t spent on commissions.

Our goal for 2018 is to continue to provide top rate, full service real estate options to the people in our communities at a price that makes sense. From property research to inspection and closing, we resolve to provide exceptional service. Troy B. from Huntington Beach California put it well: “ListWell provided terrific service and knowledge to illuminate the most direct pathway to success in selling our home.” In 2017, Troy saved money and found a real estate system that made sense. There should be more people like Troy.

If you’re thinking 2018 is the year to sell or you want to find out more about ListWell in your community, check out the ListWell Home Selling page where you can view a short video on the home selling process and find out how you can get more money in your pocket. Cheers to 2018!

5 Sellers Saved Over $63,000

Still wondering if Flat Fee will put more money in your pocket when you sell your home? Find out how these 5 sellers saved over $63,000 with ListWell’s flat fee real estate services vs. traditional 5% commission based fees. What would you do with this kind of money? Go on vacation? Buy a car? Buy a houseful of new furniture?

9 Lancewood Way, Irvine
Sold $805,000
Seller saved $16,650!!!
4700 Ventana, Oceanside
Sold $520,000
Seller saved $8,100
24359 Mira Verde, Laguna Niguel
Sold $675,000
Seller saved $12,750
Mira Verde 1
2 Mondrian, Aliso Viejo
Sold $565,000
Seller saved $9,700
15 Dusk Way, Aliso Viejo
Sold $795,000
Seller saved $16,350
Dusk Way 4
Want more information about ListWell’s Flat Fee savings? CONTACT US!

3 First Time Home Buyer Mistakes to Avoid

Ready to take the plunge from renting to owning a home? Before you dive in, here are 3 first time home buyer mistakes to avoid.

Don’t blow all your savings on the down payment.

Its very common in this day and age to run into consumers experiencing financial distress, and more often than not these problems arise because of a recent home purchase. Many save for a big down payment or have acquired a loan that didn’t require a big down payment and were approved based only on debt to income ratio and credit score. After the purchase, there’s no savings left for furnishings, home repairs, or insurance deductibles when claims are made. That means they’re either left using credit to cover these necessary expenses. Before they know it they find they can’t afford their home anymore.

The best advice in this low interest rate environment is to make a smaller down payment. It can be beneficial to the first time buyer to lock in the low rate and still have cash savings for emergencies and other expenses. Look for loans that allow the buyer(s) to remove PMI when their equity is greater than 20% without refinancing.

Don’t buy the most expensive home based on your pre-approval and decorate slowly. You don’t have to keep up with everyone else on the block.

Take it One Step at a Time

Another common mistake first-time buyers make is thinking that the first step is to start looking at houses.

In reality, the first step should be to start saving money for down-payment and closing costs. Once you have a small nest egg, it’s time to get pre-qualified by a reputable lender so you know what you can afford. Your ListWell Realtor will be happy to connect you with a lender they know and trust to perform. THEN, once you are pre-qualified, it’s time for the fun part: looking at houses

Your Flat-fee ListWell Realtor focuses on resonating with you and saving you money with your first home buying experience. The purchase process can be drawn out, frustrating, and confusing – especially if you, the Buyer, don’t know where things stand throughout the process. Our brokers are ambitious, accessible, and communicative. Pair a motivated Buyer with a strong lender, and a communicative Realtor, and you’ve got a winning team. Team work makes the dream work!

Be Aware of Home Values and What You Commit To

Buying a house is a huge thing! Do not take it lightly and assume everyone you work with knows what is best for you. No one knows the best decisions except the buyer! You must be proactive and educated. For example:

Don’t assuming houses will always go up in value. Yes, houses historically do go up in value, but that does not mean they will go up in value every year and make you rich. There will always be fluxuation in the market. Houses may go up in value for two years and then decline, or vice versa. When you buy a home, do not count on it going up in value 10 or 20 percent the first couple of years so you can refinance the home or sell it. Be prepared to stay in the home more than 2 years. If you have to move quickly, you may be losing money when you buy a home for full retail value.

Shop your loan! Some lenders may suggest an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) or an FHA loan to help buyers qualify for a higher amount. These are not always bad loans, but they have drawbacks. FHA loans have mortgage insurance that is paid every month and cannot be removed from the loan. This can add $100’s a month to your house payment. Most conventional loans have mortgage insurance as well, but it can sometimes be removed in a few years. ARMs have lower payments in the beginning of the loan, but they can increase in the future. An ARM is only suggested if you can afford the payments when they increase. Do not assume your house value will go up to bail you out.

Looking for more guidance when shopping for your first home? Contact ListWell today, we’ll be glad to help!

What would you do with an extra $24,000?

Are you ready for another flat fee success story? Find out how Calvin and Marianne pocketed a “little extra cash” from the sale of their home and the purchase of another! What would you do with an extra $24,000?
24411 La Hermosa Laguna Niguel
Sold first weekend
Multiple offers
Full price at $800,000
Traditional agent would charge 5% for $40,000 in agent fees
ListWell’s flat fee program only charged $23,500
Seller saved $16,500 in commission fees.
They also received $7,650 from ListWell when they bought their new home.
Total money saved…$24,150.
Wonder what they will do with that money?
New car? Dream vacation? Furnish their new home?
What would you do?!!
If you are ready to enjoy the equity in your home~ Contact us today!

The Savings is No Joke

Still wondering how flat fee compares to a standard 5% listing fee? The savings is no joke.
Find out how one family saved over $20,000…
This home in Mission Viejo sold for $1,125,000
Savings compared to a standard 5% listing fee
What would your family do with an extra $21,250 this summer???
Dream vacation?
New back yard amenities?
A family toy?
When it’s time to sell, it has to be ListWell!!!
Buying or Selling in Orange County? Don’t delay…contact us TODAY.

2 More Sellers Saved Over $26,000

Still wondering if Flat Fee will put more money in your pocket when you sell your home? The proof is in the pudding! 2 More Sellers saved over $26,000 with ListWell’s flat fee real estate services vs. traditional 5% commission based fees. What would you do with this kind of money? Go on vacation? Buy a car? or maybe buy a houseful of new furniture?

24 Birdie Lane, Coto de Caza
Sold $735,000
Seller saved $14,550!!!
Birdie Ln 1
27836 Cummins, Laguna Niguel
Sold $650,000
Highest price for this model and sold first 5 days!!
Seller saved $12,000
Cummins 1
Want more information about ListWell’s Flat Fee savings? CONTACT US!

2 More ListWell Sellers Saved Over $20,000

We know it sounds incredible, but 2 more ListWell sellers saved over $20,000 with Flat Fee vs. 5% standard agent fees. Who should be enjoying the equity in YOUR home? You? or your real estate agent?

32 Kalmia Avenue

$470,000 Sold in first weekend.

Seller saved $ 6,600 vs 5% standard Agent Fee
Kalmia 1
2322 Poinsettia
Sold for $700,000 (high sale for the area in 2017 for it’s size)
Seller Saved $13,500 vs 5% Standard Agent Fee
2322 Poinsettia 2
Find out more about ListWell Flat Fee Real Estate Services today, and how we can put more money into YOUR pocket.
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27836 Cummins Drive, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677

-SOLD- Seller Savings TBA

This single family home located at 27836 Cummins Drive, Laguna Niguel, CA 92677 is a wonderful place to be and an absolute must to see!

Cummins Graphic

Wonderful open and bright floorplan with two large master bedrooms with oversized walk-in closets. The living room has cathedral ceilings, a cozy fireplace and plenty of room for a sectional. The kitchen has plenty of counter and cabinet space, recessed lighting with lots of natural light and a breakfast nook. There is a formal dinning room with a glass slider leading directly out to the back patio and yard. The two master bedrooms have a very spacious feel due to the high ceilings and large room size. They each have just had new ceiling fans with lights added to keep you cool. Both come with walk-in wardrobes and upgraded bathrooms including tile and travertine shower enclosures. There is upgraded lighting and fixtures throughout. The private back yard with no one behind you, has a nice combination of hardscape patio, brick accents, green grass and a newly rebuilt patio cover for cool shade. The community pool and spa have a resort type feel and is a wonderful place to mingle or get some laps in early morning. There is a huge park around the corner with a tot lot and a walking/biking trail.

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