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Who Should Enjoy The Equity in Your Home?

Stop and think for a moment. You’ve owned your home for many years, you’ve raised your family there, kept up with repairs and added your personal touch to decor and upgrades. Now its time to sell and start a new chapter in your life. A traditional listing agent will pocket a cool 5% to 6% commission fee based on the VALUE of your home, but what you may not realize is a ListWell flat fee broker provides the same exact services for one low fee. This is literally a savings of THOUSANDS, or in most cases, TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars that goes right back into your pocket. Time to ask yourself…who should enjoy the equity in your home? Your family? or your real estate agent?

Here are the savings enjoyed by our most recent home sellers :

21341 Canea, Mission Viejo $23,000

30 Estero Pointe, Aliso Viejo $11,010

53 Southern Hills, Aliso Viejo $20,250

16 Estero Pointe, Aliso Viejo $10,750

5 Sugar Gum, Aliso Viejo $21,480

What can $10,000 – $20,000 buy? 

  • Travel and Vacation
  • Semester (or two) College Tuition
  • Furniture for New Home
  • New Home Upgrades
  • Car

Yes, SOMEONE will be enjoying this money. Will it be YOU or YOUR REAL ESTATE AGENT?

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