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What would you do with an extra $24,000?

Are you ready for another flat fee success story? Find out how Calvin and Marianne pocketed a “little extra cash” from the sale of their home and the purchase of another! What would you do with an extra $24,000?
24411 La Hermosa Laguna Niguel
Sold first weekend
Multiple offers
Full price at $800,000
Traditional agent would charge 5% for $40,000 in agent fees
ListWell’s flat fee program only charged $23,500
Seller saved $16,500 in commission fees.
They also received $7,650 from ListWell when they bought their new home.
Total money saved…$24,150.
Wonder what they will do with that money?
New car? Dream vacation? Furnish their new home?
What would you do?!!
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