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Good News – Inventory is on the Rise

Thinking of buying a home? Your decision could not come at a better time. Although it may seem that there is an upward trajectory in home values of late, there is good news – inventory is on the rise, putting prospective home buyers in a very good position.

It’s the Simple Concept of Supply and Demand.

As the economy slowly shows improvement, the demand for single-family housing continues to increase. After all, home ownership is still a huge part of the “American Dream”, and Gallup surveys show that most people believe real estate is still the best long-term investment.

In fact, demand has been increasing ever since the real estate market decline several years ago. Between 2008 and very recent years, many homeowners have been unable to put their homes up for sale due to personal financial issues and/or limited equity in the home. This created a massive supply of sellers who have wanted to move but simply could not.

Enter 2016 – Here Comes the Housing Inventory!!!

Thankfully, our real estate economy is finally starting to show signs of improvement. Previously challenged homeowners are now beginning to reach the point of significant equity, so it is inevitable we will begin to see more homes trickle into market. Why is this great news for buyers? Simple math: as supply starts to catch up with demand, the acceleration of home prices will begin to slow.


At ListWell we feel that economic upswings are great news for buyers and sellers alike. Homes are selling quickly as the market is flooded with would-be buyers, and more inventory means that prices will not over-inflate. It’s a win/win situation for all. If economic challenges have kept you chained to your current home over the last 5-7 years, now may be a great time to break free and find the home of your dreams. Our flat fee brokers would be happy to provide you with a valuation of your property and show you how to keep MORE of your equity with flat fee commissions.

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