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Best Ways to Handle Home Inspections

Home sellers don’t want to make repairs to a home they’re about to vacate. In the same vein, home buyers typically want their new dwelling to be perfect. So when a home inspection findings show issues, what is the next step? Here is a little advise on the best ways to handle home inspection issues.


1. Don’t Freak Out.

As a seller, you may be aware of some obvious imperfections when you put it on the market, but when you thought it was in great condition and the inspector brings you surprising news, its easy to have a freak-out moment.

Even if you’re surprised by the inspection findings, keep quiet until the buyer actually presents you with a request for repairs or a price reduction. You may be surprised at how many buyers expect their future home to require some elbow grease.

If the buyer does ask you to help resolve a few issues, you can instantly feel calmer by asserting some control over the situation. Schedule a chat with your Listwell flat fee broker to review the report and discuss the standard negotiating solutions that are used in your area.


2. Get a Couple of Bids.

Before you agree to anything, get a couple of bids on the big ticket items from repair companies you choose. You might find that you’re able to create a win-win by having the repair completed for less.

Multiple bids can be powerful in other ways too. Sometimes just showing the buyer that repairs may not be as urgent or as costly as they thought can set the stage for a compromise.


3. Trust your Listwell Broker to Handle Negotiations.

Success of selling a home will ultimately depend your ability to accept the things you can’t control and understand that compromise may be in order. If the would-be buyer broaches the issue of repairs, it is best to take charge by gathering a more complete set of facts from your own repair vendors. The next step is to get clear on what you can and can’t afford to do, then communicate everything to your agent. Stay calm, let go, and let your Listwell flat fee broker work it out. That’s what we’re here for!

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