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Keep more of your equity

We realize that many home sellers are familiar with the conventional real estate fee structure where a seller would pay an agent 5- 6% of their homes value. we also know that after they close on the sale and see the expenses listed out to sell that home they are left with an empty feeling and an empty pocket.

At ListWell, our approach is extremely simple, exceed client expectations while delivering full service at a stunning savings.

We charge the seller a reasonable flat fee for the service of listings your home on the MLS, taking amazing photos to showcase all it’s best features, we distribute your listing to every known website where a buyer could possibly find, hold your home open for prospective buyers, negotiate all offers until your are satisfied and then prepare all the documents needed and then facilitate the process to a successful close.

We are a full service company that charges a fair fee so you can save money and then give our name to your friends and family so we can then sell another home and save them money. Everyone wins!

The question we often get asked is “how can you sell my home for such a reasonable flat fee when others are unable or unwilling to“?  The answer is simple, we want to and we can.

•We are the owners and brokers of ListWell so have no other broker or entity to share or split the commission with.
•We do not have a large overhead with high corporate salaries, elaborate buildings with receptionists or an extensive staff that all feed from the traditional 5-6% commission structure that you would pay.
•We feel a reasonable flat fee to represent the owner is very fair amount for all parties for the marketing, negotiation and the closing the sale of a home.

The bottom line is this: “Common sense real estate fees” is our mantra. Whether we are selling a $200,000 condo or a $1,000,000 showplace, the steps that it takes to sell that home are the same and common sense says that if the work is the same…than the fee should be the same.

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