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Common Sense Commissions

Our multipoint Full Service Listing Program is superior to what most people recognize as the traditional model for professional Realtor marketing. This plan combines the most professional and accurate property assessment with an aggressive state-of-the-art marketing program. We are paid a fixed listing fee at the closing of the sale, regardless of home value.

You get:
• published in area Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
• published on
• published as a featured home on
• color digital photography of the home
• a yard sign placed on site
• a lock box placed on property
• scheduled Open House events
• exclusive Right of Sale Agreement with a variable cooperating office fee. You can vary the percentage as you vary your selling price.

We also:
• provide Listing Management
• arrange all showings
• professionally show the property for all buyers working directly with ListWell
• negotiate the contract
• prepare the Purchase and Sale Agreement
• manage the closing process and coordinate with all parties involved

At ListWell we are flexible with our service offerings and able to supplement the above services very easily. From custom print advertising and cable television marketing plans to full video production and staging, your options are endless. We will work with you to develop a marketing plan that suits your budget and accomplishes your goals. When it’s your time to sell…ListWell.


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